Sterling Portable Smart Battery Charger


Sterlings small splash proof portable 5A micro processor controlled charger that can be used anywhere in the world. Complete with interchangeable crocodile clip and ring terminal leads.

  • Universal AC Input 100 & 240V
  • AC Frequency 47-64hz
  • Max Current 2.5A @ 24V
  • Checks if Battery is Faulty
  • Repairs Faulty Batteries (if recoverable)
  • Suitable for All Types of Lead Acid Batteries (Wet, Gel, AGM, Calcium)
  • Battery De-Sulphation
  • Spark Free
  • Water resistance to IP45
  • Cold Weather Charge Mode (14.8V)
  • Overload, temperature, short circuit protection
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Sterling Portable Smart Battery Charger 24V 2.5A