Hella Marine 2NM NaviLED All Round Green Navigation Lamp – Black


Hella Marine Anchor/All Round Navigation Lamps

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NaviLED Lamps are a quantum leap forward in energy efficiency and durability.

  • Ultra low current draw – using less than 10% of the power required to run a bulb navigation lamp. The lamps will never draw more than 2 watts of power with the Port, Starboard & Stern consuming no more than 1 watt.
  • Ultra long service life – with no filaments to break making the lamps extremely shock and vibration proof for reliability and safety in demanding conditions.
  • 9-33V DC – Advanced electronics ensure reliable illumination and lamp protection even under severe voltage fluctuations and low battery voltages.
  • Fully sealed for life. IP 67 Certified – Each lamp is a completely sealed unit. High impact housings ensure durability from waves and impact.
  • Meets the requirements of COL REG, USCG, RINA. (NMSC and Maritime NZ Approved)
  • Boats up to 20 metres.


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